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John Shtino literary poetry - Some Old Poems and some New Ones. Now available through our order page.
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Enter the World of Poetry 

John Shtino Literary welcomes you to enter the world of poetry when you order John Shtino's book. It's already published and available for purchase through Xlibris™.

Future Works by John Shtino: 

Life's Report Card: The Trying Game – Already Published & Will Be Revised & Marketed Soon

A Public Policy Revolution Ending Four Decades (1970-2010) of Middle Class Economic Stagnation & Three Decades (1980-2010) of Growing Income Inequality in the United States: Justice for All: A New Direction for a New America Already Published Book on Public Policy, Which Will Be Marketed in Conjunction with a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization That Implements the Book's Goals

Purple Haze Almost Complete Fiction Novel Covering a Slice of Life in the 60s & Late-70s Filled with Drugs, Gambling, Sex, Violence, & Politics.

•Be sure to check back often to see when the above books will be available.

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